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Pink and Red Woven Painting by Julee Latimer
Acrylic paint mounted on wood

The enveloping warmth of pink and red with uplifting metallic gold highlights combine in a textile-like painting that contrasts the tightly woven with the unraveled. It is in a state of tension that exists between making and unmaking. There is a wonderful sense of softness in the way the paint drapes and ripples and I know you will not be able to resist touching.
Weaving is an ancient craft practiced in medieval times and as such, I have chosen a name from this era. Amity means friendship

The work is secured on a painted wooden panel. The panel has a hidden framework that allows it to ‘float’ an inch (2.5cm) from the wall. D rings and wire have been fitted for immediate hanging.
On the front, you will find my initials. On the back are my signature, title, and year.
This painting is registered with the NRAA (National Registry for Australian Artists). Details of this registration are provided as well as a Certificate of Authenticity.

Interested in this artwork? Please contact julee@juleelatimer.com