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pastel circles and stripes abstract painting by Julee Latimer
Soft Serve
Acrylic on canvas
122 x 60cm

Dreamy, creamy, and delicious. The longed-for coolness of an exquisite taste sensation on a hot summer day. Pistachio greens, lemony yellows, and raspberry pinks sit alongside mouth-watering lilacs and juicy apricots against a chalky pastel background of slightly distressed stripes. The circles melt off the edges of the canvas in a way that is reminiscent of soft-serve ice cream.

This work is fitted with D rings and wire for immediate hanging.. On the back you will find my signature, initials, title and year. It is registered on the NRAA (National Registry for Australian artists). The work comes with details of the registration and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Detail and in situ images
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