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Dimensional, white on white, paint sculpture by Julee Latimer
Acrylic on wood
48 x 48cm

White, beautiful, textural, and unusual Fractured reveals hidden pastel colours to those who look closely.

Created from all leftover paint from studio works in 2020 this was originally intended as a colourful complete disc of layered paint strips. In the light of COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed on society the work has since been misted with white to suggest our unity at this time. Deciding to then cut the work into three was my response to social distancing requirements.

This work is fitted with D rings and wire for immediate hanging. The panel has a hidden wooden framework that allows the work to ‘float’ a few cms (one inch) from the wall. On the back, you will find my signature, initials, title and year. It is registered on the NRAA (National Registry for Australian artists). The work comes with details of the registration and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Detail and in situ images
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