When the paint is dry my work is just beginning


Can paint lead an alternative life, one where it does not need the canvas?

The desire to free paint and allow it independence is paramount in my art practice. My experiences of repeated international relocations feed into the way I approach my work. Breaking ties, rebuilding support systems as well as feelings of invisibility and instability are foremost considerations.

I create original paintings quickly without brushes, allowing the paint to paint itself. I regard my work as just beginning when the paint is dry. I exploit the inherent flexibility in the dried material to investigate established textile techniques such as quilting, fringing, and weaving. This enables a blurring of boundaries between art and craft, painting and sculpture.

House paint is often considered out of place in the world of Fine Art. Its unfamiliarity there is what attracts me to it. I aim to coax this overlooked material from its humble origins of surface decoration into a world of elegant dimensionality. My ultimate goal, however, is to generate conversation about the nature of painting and to challenge expectations of what a painting can be.



Born in the UK, Julee settled in Australia in 2005 after spending the previous 17 years moving internationally many times. Her life has been a patchwork of cultures. This plays out in her desire to deconstruct her work.

Julee has been a full-time artist for many years achieving international recognition for her work in mosaic art and her authorship of the book Sculptural Secrets for Mosaic (Schiffer Publishing, USA). Julee has exhibited widely in Australia as well as the United States and Italy. She has been selected as a Finalist for a number of prestigious Australian Art Prizes. Her artworks are held in private collections worldwide.

Julee holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with majors in Painting and Sculpture, from Curtin University, Perth.

Julee currently lives and works in Melbourne.