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Rich, elegant, purple collage painting by Julee Latimer
It's Hip to be Square
Mixed Media on canvas
100 x 100cm

Rich, elegant, and regal, this large, square artwork celebrates violet from the deepest purple to the palest lavender. Coupled with metallic silver, the work is inspired by patchwork quilts to result in a dynamic repetitive pattern that is both dramatic and contemporary.

The work is made from a variety of original paintings made especially for it. Once removed from their backing, they are deconstructed and combined with a striking wallpaper. The cut strips are then applied in a collage-like fashion over the canvas.

This work is fitted with D rings and wire for immediate hanging. On the back, you will find my signature, initials, title, and year. It is registered on the NRAA (National Registry for Australian artists). The work comes with details of the registration and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Detail and in situ images
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