“When the paint is dry my work is just beginning”.


I was born in the UK, settling in Australia in 2005 after spending the previous 17 years moving internationally many times. My life has been a patchwork of cultures and this plays out in my desire to fragment my work. I seem incapable of seeing a painting as finished until it has been deconstructed and remade in various ways.

My practice revolves around the desire to assist the paint to be independent of the canvas.
The question that directs my experiments is “What if paint could lead an alternative life, one where it is more than a wet substance clinging to a support?”

I exploit the flexibility inherent in dried paint through cutting, layering and weaving. Doing this gives me the choice of which side of the paint to show which results in works that combine the usually visible with the often hidden.

I have been a full-time artist for many years gaining international recognition for my work in mosaic art and my authorship of the book Sculptural Secrets for Mosaic (Schiffer Publishing, USA). I have been selected as a Finalist for three Art Prizes in the last 12 months. My artworks are held in private collections in Australia, the UK, the USA, Sweden, Austria and Canada. I hold a BFA (Sculpture and Painting) from Curtin University, Perth.

I currently live and work in Melbourne.