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Lush green patchwork paint collage by Julee Latimer
Shape Shifter
Mixed Media on canvas
90 x 60cm

Lush slices of teal compete with rich blue-green, vibrant lime, and deep forest in a work that oozes revitalizing energy. Bursts of shimmering gold add luxurious highlights resulting in a fresh, bold painting that fits shapes together like a puzzle.

A variety of different paintings are removed from their backing ready to be cut, arranged, and glued on the canvas in a contemporary collage with a unique twist. For those who like cool but not, necessarily, calm.

This work is fitted with D rings and wire for immediate hanging. On the back, you will find my signature, initials, title, and year. It is registered on the NRAA (National Registry for Australian artists). The work comes with details of the registration and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Detail and in situ images
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