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Richly vibrant mass of paint petals in lime and blue by Julee Latimer
Flowerbomb 4
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 40cm

Do you yearn for a painting that is strikingly unique? One that will enhance your space with warmth, optimism, and excitement. Do you want to choose whether you hang the work horizontally or vertically? Look no further.

Embracing the imperfect these innovative creations allow for variations in the individual paint pieces. Flowerbombs are alternative, edgy, and bursting with dimensional colour. Swirling paint petals captivate with their vivid hues and lush textures, evoking the vibrant, pulsating energy of life in bloom.
For the collector who does not like to play it safe.

The work is fitted with two sets of D-rings and wire for your choice of horizontal or vertical hanging. On the back you will find my signature, title, and date. The artwork is registered with the NRAA (National Registry for Australian Artists), details of the registration will be included with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Detail and in situ images
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