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Deconstructed colourful paint weave by Julee Latimer
Unfinished Business 3
Acrylic on canvas
122 x 60cm

Are you searching for a spirited blast of maximalist pattern and a dance of energetic colour? Do you want an artwork that enhances your individual taste and is as unique as yourself?

Vibrant bright blue infuses childlike happiness into any space. Engaging and captivating this imaginative deconstructed woven work is created entirely from dried paint threads. An innovative and unusual work that has a voice all of it’s own. For the collector who enjoys being different.

Can be hung horizontal or vertical. Your choice.

The work is fitted with two sets of D-rings and wire for immediate hanging. On the back you will find my signature, title, and date. The artwork is registered with the NRAA (National Registry for Australian Artists), details of the registration will be included with a Certificate of Authenticity.
The artwork is covered with multiple layers of fine art varnish.

Detail and in situ images
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