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Weaving connections through unsupported paint.

My colourful, tactile,woven paintings explore the tenuous connections to people and places, and the way in which some of these connections continue regardless of location, whilst others are disrupted or lost.

Inspired primarily by the breakdown and subsequent rebuilding of social networks experienced during relocating informs my practice of constructing, deconstructing and remaking my work resulting in highly unique, striking paintings that emulate the stunning draping of textiles.

Pink and Red Woven Painting by Julee Latimer
Acrylic paint. MDF board.
3D sculptural, woven painting in greens by Julee Latimer
Acrylic paint and varnish. Perspex and nylon rope.
130 x 100cm
3D, sculptural, dimensional woven painting by Julee Latimer
Acrylic paint and aluminium mesh.
105 x 60 cm
3D, sculptural, dimensional, rainbow painting by Julee Latimer
Acrylic paint, varnish and thread on mirror
80 x 30cm
3D sculptural woven painting in white by Julee Latimer
Acrylic on canvas
50 x 60cm